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Asakura Hao's Journal

4th May, 2006. 12:13 pm. Previous nights

(Written in ancient Patch)

If this place is hell, it has gotten a lot better since last time I was here.

I went scouting to see if I could find more Mana to feed Spirit Of Fire, when I found a forming group composed by many idiots (provably saved the tiny, brattish blonde’s life, as making a tourniquet seems like a too complicated idea for most here – and of course, no thanks for me, all I get for helping is being told to shut up- when the sorceress came.

Must be careful with the sorceress. Spirit of Fire has identified her as Alpha from a growing pack. Even if I could take her out easily, I don’t want to have the rest of it attacking me. Not unless I have enough Mana to devour them.

Later on, I followed the golem-woman, another blonde (who obviously fell for her charms, not that I blame him, but what an idiot) and the possessed man from the other night. The one with the Mana gloves. Reminds me of Marco, somehow, so full of himself… Ended up in a room covered made of bloody walls when something inside here went boom and the place decided to throw us against the walls (coating us on the pretty blood while we were at it), then changed gravity again, throwing us each to a different wall. Then to random rooms. Needless to say I decided maybe staying in for the night might be advisable.

Some odd disease seems to be going around- I think I’m going to stay here for the following nights, just to make sure I won’t catch it.
They also insist on making us drink tea. I don’t think taking pills or drugs or anything (even tea) from people that created these shirts is a smart idea. If it was up for me I wouldn’t even eat what they offer us.

Ps 1: I think I like Quistis. She’s nice, as far a pseudo-shaman’s go. Well mannered, nice guardian, lots of power. Pretty hair. When the time comes, I might ask her if she wants to join me.

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20th March, 2006. 11:46 pm. Physical

I’d write in Patch, but It’d be too tiresome. I can barely remember how to write my own name right now. I don’t remember much. Bitch-nurse giving me a vaccine. Slamming Bitch-nurse’s head against tiles. Getting beaten up by the gorillas and then darkness. My head hurts, I think they bashed it. They pulled my hair and it stings. I have a few bruises on my ribs, I think. And I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining that particular pain between my legs.

And Spirit of Fire is getting annoying. I thought he cared about me. I am his master, but he doesn’t care. He wants me up. To get him more Mana. It hurts, somehow… I guess I wanted someone to care about me, but It’s ridiculous.

Spirit of Fire is not my friend. He is my familiar. My tool. It’s provably the drugs talking anyway. I don’t need anyone.

I won’t go out for another while, anyway. It sounds dangerous. It can’t be good if even I am aware I’m drugged.

Ps: It might be the fact I’m high as a kite, but I’m pretty sure the shirts smileys are mocking me.

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18th March, 2006. 8:06 pm. Day

(In ancient Patch)
I woke up in the same room when the communicator announced breakfast. I was still tired, so when the nurse tried to get into my room, I didn’t bother with moving the closet out of the way. I think the lights went out afterwards, and there was a lot of noise and a lot of screaming. I woke up hours later to the communicator back again, saying it was lunchtime. By then I was pretty hungry, so I moved the closet only to find an awfully happy nurse that insist in calling me “Ralph White” waiting for me.

Won’t argue with her. I know who I am and that’s enough. I think I’ll go to the cafeteria now. I need some food and to see if any of the little pests in this place have some spirits worth stealing. Also need to find out why a place that looks clean enough to be able to eat straight from the floor has rats the size of a medium-sized dog at night.

The Spirit of Fire is stronger, I think, but horribly insistent in getting more spirits, I think he liked the mutant things Mana. Spirit of Fire left the room to roam around and informed me of large monsters. It also seems Sparkly died. Spirit of fire absorbed him, of course. It was more sedate after it and came back inside me to rest afterwards.

(In English)
Daylight helps nothing in making these shirts any less horrible. I’m taking a sweater. I’m only using them when I know I’ll get dirty.

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16th March, 2006. 2:02 am. Plans

(Written in ancient Patch)

For a moment I was worried The Spirit of Fire would reject the Mana of such lowlife’s as rats, but in the end, he did without complain. I think he understands he needs to take whatever we can get our hands in here.

This is hostile territory, after all.

Met two boys, Haru and Ayame. Haru is level headed and calmed. Ayame sparks, can unhinge his jaw and is girlier than the Lyserg brat. Both seem to have some kind of potential for transforming their bodies. Both know nothing of what’s going on and I’m betting they are still alive out of sheer luck. God protects idiots and drunks after all.

Tracks tell me there are several groups going on here. Larger predators seem to be attracted to them. Perhaps it would be wise to stick to a larger group and try to work in groups. Less waste of power and higher number of Spirits to take.

I need to find a weapon of some sorts, first. Something more effective than the flashlight. I’ll sleep some first, I’m feeling suddenly tired. I moved the closet in front of the door, I don’t really think it will keep any large predator from trying to enter, but it will give me enough time to get up and be ready to face it.

(In normal English:)

These shirts have to be the most hideous things ever to be conceived.

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14th March, 2006. 3:45 pm. What am I doing here?

I woke up in this place in the middle of the night and dressed in these ridiculous clothes.

Quite surprising, because last thing I remember is dying.

The fire spirit is still within me, but something is wrong with it. Not only is he weak as a kitten, but he seems almost afraid of this place. I haven't seen spirits so far in here, which disturbs me. I have never been in a place that lacked spirits.

All of this worries me, maybe that's why I'm writing it down.

I will go explore the hallways now. There must be something here I can kill, maybe after some food Spirit of fire will be more cooperative.

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